What to Do Before You List It

When you buy a new house or are looking to move, you may be tempted to immediately get your house listed. We recommend you actually list it later and take the time to fix it up to get your money’s worth. A couple of careful improvements and strategies can help you list your house at a higher price with minimal effort.

These factors are a must before listing your house on the market:

  • First of all, paint your rooms neutral or light colors. Having pink or purple bedrooms may look great in your home now, but what if prospective buyers have sons? It’s easiest for someone to envision your home as being their own when they have a clean or simple pallet to work with. At the very least, make sure walls are gender neutral.
  • Renting a storage unit to get rid of the clutter. When you show your house, you want it to be as clean as possible and maybe even a little empty. Keep decorations to a minimum and definitely clear out any stacks of papers or other belongings that are sitting around.
  • Fix up your windows. Windows are your home’s way of making a first impression. But they are more than an exterior fixture- windows help keep your home a consistent temperature and block out some noise. Many buyers are also looking for energy efficient windows, which can help you save up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills. Look for a strong brand name like Renewal by Andersen that people will recognize.
  • Get an electrical inspection to make sure your home’s processes are running efficiently and to ensure you are up to code with state standards. Telling buyers your home is energy efficient is always a plus. If you want to go the extra mile, get a whole home surge protector to protect your house from power outages.
  • If you have carpet in any room besides a bedroom, get rid of it. Don’t have the budget for wood floors? Shampooing or replacing your carpets can go a long way as well.
  • One of the primary factors a buyer looks for in a kitchen is granite countertops. Any sort of natural stone counter top will increase the value of your home. This is an expensive investment, but could be the deciding factor between your kitchen and someone else’s.
  • Even if you don’t have new appliances in your kitchen, make them look as new as possible. Having shiny, clean fixtures will greatly contribute to making your home look newer.

Need more help preparing to list your home? Check out this blog.


More on Windows

If you’ve already bought energy efficient replacement windows, or you are looking to leave the old windows in place but still improve upon the overall value of the windows in your flip project, use window tinting film. The most popular manufacturer is 3M Window Tinting products in Chicago, and most contractors and installation teams carry it in a variety of different lighting options. The darker the shade, the more natural light gets let in. Even if you opt to use a relatively light shade of window film, the product is still designed to reduce the amount of UV rays that pass through to virtually nothing. UV rays are how heat is transferred in visible light. They are responsible for the costly swings in temperature that our heating and air conditioning systems try desperately to control. UV rays are also the component that fades the vibrant colors on your upholstered furniture and carpets.
Window Tinting Chicago

Despite the cost saving features, one of the biggest draws for window tint solutions is the visual appeal. Have you ever gone on a hike or a boat ride and borrowed someone’s expensive sunglasses? It can be eye opening to look back and forth at the difference in how vibrant the world’s colors are. Window film can allow you to wake up everyday and see the true blues of the sky and the deep greens of your yard and trees without being washed out by the intensity of glaring sun rays.